EAT ETC - You are my better tasty half
EAT ETC - You are my better tasty half

About us

We serve taste and flavours in 4 restaurants in Bucharest,
near your office.


Passionate about the taste

We believe our passion for cooking brought us to the place we are now. Because of our devotion, we’ve succeeded in delivering our meals and also succeeded in opening other 3 locations. The
fine taste and our small prices have recommended and helped us move our passion forward, to other office buildings.

Our mission, even from the beginning, was to bring the most tasteful dishes for your lunch. We wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere, a place made to enjoy your breaks with your colleagues and friends and forget about the struggles from the workplace.
We’ve designed each location to be more than just a restaurant, that’s why at EAT ETC you won’t find only food centred areas, but also drinks and desserts bars. In the summer time we take our lunches on the terrace and in the cold seasons we cozy up indoors and remember the taste of our childhood favourite meals.

EAT ETC restaurants are situated near the most populated office buildings so that we bring happiness to a great number of people. That’s why all our restaurants can be found in the North part of Bucharest.

Taste the delight of EAT Hermes, EAT Conect, EAT Metro Systems or EAT LIDL.
EAT ETC - You are my better tasty half
EAT ETC - You are my better tasty half

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